FF Portable Solar Panel 18V

Voltage: 18V
Wattage: 100W
Sale price$299.99


Shipping Time: 1-5 days

Solar Panel Wattage:  50 Watts or 100 Watts

DC Charging Output: 18V

USB Charging Output: 5V/2.1A Max

Cell Efficiency: 21.5%~23.5%

Weight: 5.02 lbs.

Enjoy power anywhere you go by absorbing the free power of the Sun. Charge your devices directly or charge up the battery supply. Foldable and easy to carry panel was made for people traveling outdoors, camping, picnics, fishing, hiking, on the beach, on a boat, in the back yard partying or during emergency power outages.

Package Included: 1pcs Solar Charger and 1pcs DC Cable and 3pcs DC connectors

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